About us

"CBTplusECO" was started in 2007. The major aim of our organization is to revive and preserve the cultural heritage, traditions and customs of our people with the help Community Based Tourism, to support low level income families, by involving them in tourism. More than 50% of tourism service income is directed to protect our surroundings, nature and cultural heritage.

Our service providers are well-trained and very experienced. We are not only interested in profits, we aim, to preserve and enriche our old traditions and customs, especially the hospitality of the Kyrgyz people. So if, you have chosen our services, you will experience great enjoyment on your trip.


We provide the following services: Guesthouses, Yurt stays in jailoo, horse rentals, national horse games, "Kyrgyz Kochu" show, transportation and guide services. We also arrange various tours from one to six days duration, to a variety of interesting and beautiful places.

We strive to provide excellent services for our customers while at the same time protecting our beautiful environment.

In our first year we organized a meeting with various agencies in the Kochkor region to discuss ecology, and how to best care for our natural heritage, especially Song Kol lake.

We have organized ecology classes of 20 students, in each of our five local schools. Those students become the ecology leaders in their schools. We also organize a young ecologist camp each summer at Song Kul lake. We have placed recycling containers by our yurt camp at Song Kul, and those are emptied by the shepherds and they bring the recycling to Kochkor at the end of the season.

 Our motto is: Developed tourism - clean environment.

When you choose our services you will enjoy our beautiful mountain scenery, and at the same time help us save Song Kol lake for future generations.

Warm regards,

Members of CBT plus ECO Public Association.