National horse games

 National horse games: Price: 6500 som 

 UlakTartysh (goat chase), formerly known as KokBoru (blue wolf)

This game originated a long time ago in the jailoo (pasture). When a wolf attacked a sheep, since they had no guns, the shepherds would ride together after the wolf and try to beat it to death with their horse whips. They would then triumphantly bring the wolf's body back to the jailoo or village to show off their kill. Nowadays this has become a game where they use a goat carcass of over 30 pounds, with two teams competing in 15 minute rounds trying to score a goal with the carcass, without intervention. The game rules do not allow whips or beating of the horses. 


Wrestling on horseback. Oodarysh (knock off the horse)

Another popular horse sport is as one on one players try to wrestle the opponent off his horse without falling off himself. The game rules allow players to grab the opponent's belt or arm to try to dismount him. The game rules do not allow kicking or beating of the horses. 


TyiynEnmei (Coin game)

Any number of players may participate in trying to pick up as many coins as possible. The coins are placed next to flags on the ground prior to the start of the game. The winner is the one able to pick up most coins.

Kyz-Kuumai (chasing the girl)

A male rider chases a girl trying to steal a kiss.If he's not able to catch her then she'll chase him and beat him with her whip if she catches him. The girl is given an advantage by having a faster horse, and also by giving her a head start.