Tour #2 Kochkor - KolUkok -Mazar -Ukok - Kochkir

Tour name: Kochkor - KolUkok -Mazar -Ukok - Kochkir
Tour Category: By horse and walking
Length of tour: 3 days
Total kilometers: -
Tour accommodation: Yurt stays
Altitude and terrain: 3000 meters above sea level
From villages: Kochkor village, Kara-Suu village, Isakeev village
Things of interest: From the mountain top you can see several lakes. Small lake in area, Kol Tor with waterfall. You will live with sheperds families and experience their culture and lifestyle.
Prices: Transport - 12 som per km
Bed & Breakfast - 350 som
Lunch 250 som
Dinner 250 som
Horse rental 600 som per day
Guide's fee 550 som per day
Guide's food cost: breakfast 50 som - lunch 125 som - dinner 125 som
Horseman (if more than 3 persons in group) 450 som per day
Horseman's food cost: breakfast 50 som - lunch 125 som - dinner 125 som
Season: Mid-June to mid-September
Additional information: The lake is 17 meters deep, and is clean and cold. KolUkok area has wolves, foxes, and rabbits. Near the lake many varieties of flowers and grasses grow. This is a mountain tour, wear waterproof shoes and warm clothing. Bring water, or filter, or other water purification methods