Tour # 1 SaralaSas Jailoo

Tour name: SaralaSas Jailoo
Tour Category: By car with driver
Length of tour: 2 days
Total kilometers: 55 + 55 = 110 km from Kochkor
Tour accommodation: Yurt stays
Altitude and terrain: 2600 meters above sea level
From villages: Kochkor village, Kym-Dobo village, Shamshi village
Things of interest: You may view the Petroglyphs while listening to birds singing and the river rushing by you. You will enjoy sharing the sheperds life, and may taste the kumis (horse milk).
Prices: Transport - 12 som per km
Driver's food cost: breakfast 50 som - lunch 125 som - dinner 125 som
Driver's waiting time: 200 som per day
Bed & Breakfast - 350 som per person
Lunch 250 som per person
Dinner 250 som per person
Season: Mid-June to mid-September
Additional information: Wear waterproof shoes and warm clothing. Bring water, or filter, or other water purification methods